A New Project: fmWATCH

Hi All,

The scripting/coding bug has got ahold of me over the last couple years, creating scripts and tools to improve functions for my work and my clients.

Over the last couple months, I started to put by big boy pants on and try doing things a bit more proper and start using GitHub to be track and publish my work.

I have a few in the pipeline at the moment, but certainly the 1st published and most polished is this: fmWATCH

fmWATCH is scripting for monitoring and resolving false mount points

A false mount “Watchdog”

Currently, it targets and addresses the empty mount points created in /Volumes by a bug in macOS 10.12 Sierra and above. When a network drive is already mounted, further attempts to mount via Finder’s Go > Connect To Server or persistent scripting causes the creation of the empty ditectories

To use/test, install the latest release at

Use at your own risk.

Note: the core script uses a non-destructive rmdir command that only removes empty directories in /Volumes, rather than an all destructive rm -rf style.

This is available under the MIT License:

Happy Testing!