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JNUC 2022 Sessions Recap | CompNow Infochino

CompNow’s QLD Engineering Manager, Aaron Polley takes you through his favourite sessions from JNUC 2022 and what the key take aways were overall. He covers everything from Anatomy of Mac Attack to Microsoft Integrations to dealing with IT challenges during war. Learn more about our Apple and Jamf offering: #JNUC2022 #Jamf #MacManagement

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The Potential Good of COVID-19

If the age of Coronavirus lasts for an extended period of time it will force a lot of workplaces that “use computers for primary tasks” to turn all of their processes into remote achievable ones.

In other words, those with difficulty attending a workplace (due to a physical disability, weak immune system, geographic barrier, etc) will have access to more jobs and new jobs than was the case before #COVID19. It’s only a theory at this point but it’s very possible.

If a company in Sydney (read large city) removes the need for its employees to be in its Sydney office in order to do their daily tasks, someone in Byron Bay (read regional town) can be a full time employee working from home. It’s a very interesting concept.

About 85% of my work since I moved to a regional area late last year is for clients interstate that I physically don’t visit. Coronavirus has reinforced my ability to work 24/7 from home rather than the office 1hr away and it be more accepted (when I actually could have done it already).

Now that it’s expected (as we’ve all been told to work from home at my employer), it’s even better as all my internal meetings have moved online and my colleagues are more engaged to work 100% remotely, not just me. It’s awesome.

I think the outcome of this unintentional social experiment is actually going to be very positive. People will realise all of the tasks that can actually be done and are more efficient without physical access/contact with other people, places, & spaces.

People will also come to better value and prioritise the things that are best done with physical access/face to face. They will get better at doing remote tasks well.

We will be more intentional and effective both in person and remote.

This is my hope for 2020 and COVID-19.

Stay safe

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Aaron’s MainStage Patches [Updated December 2019]

[Published March 2016 – Updated December 2019]

Hi All,

This has been a long time coming, but I finally organised my church patches for MainStage and they are ready to share :).

Patches Download Link:

Concert Download Link:

Plugins/Software Used

There is array of different audio plugins & sound sources used in my patches. My older work is primarily just Logic/GarageBand/Mainstage sounds that Apple provides for free (See This Link). My newer stuff ranges in plugins used in different “seasons” where I favoured certain plugins/sounds for a time.  That said, here is an non exhaustive list of what you will need to make use of some of my sounds:

How To Use

Download and unzip my folder of patches and place it into your Music > Patches folder on your Mac. The patches will then be available in your patches library; see:

Just download and open the concert to use it 🙂

Please download, try, share, and give me any feedback or questions 🙂

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Free and Inexpensive Audio Plugins

Hey All,

Been a while since I have wiped the dust for the electronic blogging canvas.

Here is a great company I have stumbled on that I thought would be worth sharing:

TAL – Togu Audio Line is a small company founded around the year 2000 and located in switzerland. We create high quality instruments and effects with a user friendly interface for reasonable pricing. Our commercial vintage synth emulations are known to be very accurate and authentic. TAL software is in use by popular producers, musicians and mentioned in different interviews.
We are not a marketing driven company and we also do not spend a lot of time into a secure copy protection systems. Our main focus is on the product itself.

Check out these great plugins, test them out, and throw a few dollars their way if you like the merch 🙂



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Peter James Productions

Hi All,

Wanted to let you know know of a great new resource from one of my friends, Peter James.  His new Peter James Productions venture has a website with great keys resource for sounds and other neat items.

Check out and find our more

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Great Keys Resource

Hey All,

Thought I’d share a great resource from Hillsong Collected related to keyboard patches from the latest Hillsong albums. Check it out:


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Into The Cold

Hi Everyone,

I write from the land “up over”. I had the opportunity to take my new bride to my homeland of Canada this month to show her where I grew up.

t has been an exciting and slightly emotional time revisiting the old places of play and fellowship. I walked through my grand parents land and had flashes of old memories; a very reflective and inspiring time. Who knows what creativity this time may birth.

Another cool part of the trip has been our time with Family Worship Center. Having been a 7 year part of my spiritual growth it is always a great place to return and feel love and support. My wife and I had a great time worshiping with the rest of my family on stage praising The Lord.





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MySpace & “Aaron David” are Dead

Hi All,

Just another little update that I have decided to delete/cancel my MySpace account.  It has unfortunately become too hard to manage and no one uses it, so I decided to remove it rather than have non-updated fragments of myself out there. My twitter, SoundCloud and website (new one coming soon) will all be main points of contact.

I’ll also be fading out the “Aaron David” branding and stick with my full (real) name: Aaron David Polley.  There is no other “me” so I think it will help avoid the confusion out there with many other “Aaron David” artists coming out.

//Much Love

Aaron David Polley

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Aaron David Polley On SoundCloud

Hi All,

I have finally made the jump to sound cloud! Have a listen at:

I’ll be putting up more stuff soon.

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Girl On The Castle Steps – Colin Mold

Hello All,

I know it’s been a while since my last post.  I have been very busy on life projects as well as music.

One music project I have been humbly included on is “Girl On The Castle Steps” by Colin Mold.

I collaborated on some of the music instrumentation for “Green And Gold”, one of the songs co-written by my mother, Cindy L Spear.  Check out Colin’s website: