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The Potential Good of COVID-19

If the age of Coronavirus lasts for an extended period of time it will force a lot of workplaces that “use computers for primary tasks” to turn all of their processes into remote achievable ones.

In other words, those with difficulty attending a workplace (due to a physical disability, weak immune system, geographic barrier, etc) will have access to more jobs and new jobs than was the case before #COVID19. It’s only a theory at this point but it’s very possible.

If a company in Sydney (read large city) removes the need for its employees to be in its Sydney office in order to do their daily tasks, someone in Byron Bay (read regional town) can be a full time employee working from home. It’s a very interesting concept.

About 85% of my work since I moved to a regional area late last year is for clients interstate that I physically don’t visit. Coronavirus has reinforced my ability to work 24/7 from home rather than the office 1hr away and it be more accepted (when I actually could have done it already).

Now that it’s expected (as we’ve all been told to work from home at my employer), it’s even better as all my internal meetings have moved online and my colleagues are more engaged to work 100% remotely, not just me. It’s awesome.

I think the outcome of this unintentional social experiment is actually going to be very positive. People will realise all of the tasks that can actually be done and are more efficient without physical access/contact with other people, places, & spaces.

People will also come to better value and prioritise the things that are best done with physical access/face to face. They will get better at doing remote tasks well.

We will be more intentional and effective both in person and remote.

This is my hope for 2020 and COVID-19.

Stay safe


40 Days of Revival – Present In The Church

Hi Guys,

I just want to share this awesome snippet of the devotion we are doing at Hillsong Church. Here is day 5:

These devotions have already impacted me so much in the continuing thought of being present and I know it will bless you.

//Much Love