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2011 – New Year, New Ideas

Hey All,

So its been a while since my last blog post;  I thought it’d be a great time to give you all an update on where things are at.

I am still living in Sydney with 2 main components in my life: Church and Work. I have continued to serve in Hillsong Church and truly have become a part of a massive body of believers.  I have become and integrated part of the Creative team at the City Campus, honoured to look after the keys players that help carry our services week in and week out. There has been opportunity to contribute to the creative process in our church songs as well which has been amazing;  I only expect things to grow.

Connected with Church, I have become of a great family of friends call “BOOM” :).  They are my connect group and I love them dearly. We have gone through some great times together and know we have each other’s backs in any situation.  OUr bound was formed over a love for God through worship, prayer, and community.  I am a group “elder” and look after our worship.  Here is a small selection of them:

As mentioned, the other main part of my life has been work. God has provided amazing opportunity in the Apple world working for an Apple Premium Reseller called My Mac ( I have had the privilege to be a part of a great team and have risen to the responsibility of Business Solutions Manager; I work with small/medium businesses accommodating their Mac IT needs, especially in areas of servers, Point of Sale, CRM, etc. This season in my life is adding a lot of depth to my understanding of how business and people work.  My leadership and people skills learned at college have actually been a great contributor to my role.  The job has even taken me travelling, with trips to Chicago, New York, Montreal, and Toronto all in 2010.  Here is a photo from one of the conferences I went to:
Finally, my music.  I have been doing more collaboration lately working with various people to help them record/write/produce and also been a part of some co-writing with friends.  I haven’t put up much for quite a while but I feel 2011 will be a bit different… :).
Thanks for listening to the rambles 🙂

By Aaron

“Aaron David” Polley, son of Ray Polley and Cindy L Spear, was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, October 10th, 1987. He was happily united with his wife Amie Sara Polley on August 24th, 2012, in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

He grew up in a musical family that had a long history of accomplished musicians and songwriters. His own writing ability surfaced at the age of 7 when his first musical arrangement was used in a church service as a congregational song.